Winter Roof Check

Winter Roof Check

Winter Roof Check

Is your roof ready for winter?

With the season of gales, heavy rain, and snow just around the corner, now is the time to make sure you stay warm and dry. Your roof is the only thing protecting you from the elements, and even the smallest crack, gap, or breakage can let in water – with devastating effects.

At Lab Civils & Roofing we want to help you make sure your roof is ready for the storms to come – and we have a special, limited period offer to help you do just that.

No risk roof inspections

We use the latest technology to check out your roof without the risk of damaging it further.


We are offering 10 FREE roofing surveys (normal cost £500) during the month of November.

Successful applicants will benefit from an expert and in-depth inspection of tiles, chimney stacks, pointing, lead flashing, guttering, and eaves.

Our team will be able to reassure you that your roof is winterproof – or give you advice on how best to tackle any minor problems quickly and efficiently.

Remember – it’s much cheaper to put your roof in order now than it is to repair the damage that can be caused by strong winds and torrential rain. A leak can bring down ceilings, damage your possessions and even start an electrical fire.

Why risk that happening when you could simply pick up the phone and ask us to carry out a FREE survey before the bad weather bites? Remember – the first ten applicants will be the lucky ones and the offer runs until the end of November.

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The LCAR Advantage

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Experienced & knowledgeable

Free estimates and advice

All work is fully guaranteed for 10 years

Both commercial & domestic uses

Reliable & flexible service

Premium quality of workmanship

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